‘Omoide’ is an ancient Japanese term meaning memories, or reminiscence. This book perfectly captures the everyday challenges that all of us face while making decisions. We all have our share of struggles in life, but life is so much easier when there is someone out there trying to help you through their own experiences. It was this desire to help people through their ups and downs, that gave birth to Omoide. Abenav takes you through the stories which life has revealed to him in his own journey – powerful, practical wisdom that came to him through his formative experiences in love, family and work. Omoide is Abenav’s first book, written in a simple yet profound manner to touch every being in search of life’s truths.

Hi, my name is Abhinav, and this is the story of my father. He has always been a silent person but people who are silent have a lot of emotions within them. Some get lucky and get to express those and some die with their emotions withheld. It is much later and often when it gets too late that we realize that they had so much to say.

This time my sister Aprajita and I decided to publish his poems, let people know how creative he is, let people realize that a man, a father, a husband can also be a poet. My father has taught me that all emotions cannot be expressed, some of them must be understood. His poems have their own lives; unsaid words, unexpressed emotions, mixed with a lot of memories. They will take you through a journey that will make you feel like you are a part of it, like home.These poems will make you laugh, will make you cry and maybe will again make you laugh. These poems will remind you of your father’s love, innocence, and his unsaid words.  With all my heart, I wish that these poems will bring you closer to your parents. Enjoy the Journey!      


Sharath drew it. Abenav wrote it. Sharath, one of the finest doodle artists is sharing his creations once again, in most intriguing manner. His doodles in ‘Omoide’ are in talks even now and his creativity did not stop there. Riding high on success of ‘Omoide’, Abenav continues to share his experiences. This time, through his popular quotes and lessons he learned from them. He is also sharing his techniques in order to overcome the few everyday dilemmas where we find ourselves stuck.

With ‘30’, duo has come up with one of the rarest combinations of quotes and doodles. There is always something to learn when Sharath draws and Abenav writes. So what if you are a broken star, you can still help someone to rise again.

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