We are different. We are not a publishing house. Instead, we help you self-publish your book. Our prices are competitive because it does not cost too much to publish a very well designed book. I love designing and I love helping others publish their book. I can pull an all-nighter, if needed to finish the project. And when I say that, you gotta trust me. We encourage you to use our services if you emphasize on Book Designing and open to absorb ideas. We do basics (Editing, Formatting, Cover Design) but we go beyond that and include Beta reading, understand Typographic interest and set a right mood and tone for your book. Yes, one more thing! We work on one client at a time to avoid any distraction. Because this is your book, this is special. This is your story and we understand it!

Author & Book Designer

So what are you waiting for? Let’s learn more about how to publish a book yourself.

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