This will pass, so will the opportunity

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When was the last time, you were this free. When was the last time, you had enough time to do whatever you always wanted and when was the last time, you spent this much time at home. This is ”the’ time which we have always wished for. Remember those long working hours at work? Remember those traffic jams and do you remember ringing your friend and saying that I wish i could get one more day in a week, there is lot to catch up. This is that time which we were looking for. And now when it is here, we are waiting for things to get back to normal. We aint content. Neither we were content when we were busy nor we are now, when we have all the free time in the world. Then what it is, that we are actually looking for? What it is, which can make us content, convinced and Grateful. The idea of a meaningful life is one that provides personal satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and some degree of happiness. But most importantly it is about understanding Balance. 


Abundance of anything creates imbalance but we have tricked our mind that abundance of money or abundance of time or abundance of love is the key to be Happy and successful. Whenever balance is affected, we see different perception of our lives. That is why we are not able to handle abundance of free time now and we were not able to handle abundance of busy work days before. 

We crave for more time. However, when we have free time, we don’t know what to do with it. Nothing seems exciting enough to deserve our valuable time. We end up doing nothing and get bored. But why do we get bored at the first place, when technically we must not. You will know. Before that lets focus on some cool facts about Boredom and how you can handle it. 

  1. The Role of Culture

    In many ways, boredom is a modern luxury (Spacks, 1996). Boredom was literally nonexistent until the late 18th century. It came into being as the Enlightenment was giving way to the Industrial Revolution. Early in human history, when our ancestors had to spend most of their days securing food and shelter, boredom wasn’t an option.

    Boredom also has its benefits. It is important to see boredom as a “call to action” (Svendsen, 1999). Nietzsche suggested that men of rare sensibility value boredom as an impetus to achievement. Boredom can be a catalyst for action. It can provide an opportunity for thought and reflection. It can also be a sign that a task is a waste of time—and thus not worth continuing.

  2. We have a hard time having fun in our own company.

    That’s why people embrace busyness — you don’t realize you are bored when you are running from one place to another. Being busy is a tricky form of entertainment — we don’t feel the boredom, but it isn’t fun either. That’s the danger of not facing our boredom: it can cause more damage if it gets out of our mind.

  3. You are in charge.

    People with higher self-awareness and self-control are less prone to feeling bored. Some individuals are more likely to be bored than others.

    People with a strong need for novelty, excitement, and variety are at risk of boredom. These sensation seekers (e.g., skydivers) are likely to find that the world moves too slowly. The need for external stimulation may explain why extroverts tend to be particularly prone to boredom. Novelty seeking and risk-taking is the way that these people self-medicate to cure their boredom. 

    Meditation is a powerful tool to let your repetitive thought pattern free. Once you stop resisting boredom, it’s no longer threatening. As Sakyong Mipham says: “Boredom is no longer needy; it’s spacious, comfortable, and soothing. 

  4. You need a pause. Enjoy it.

    Silence is the think tank of the soul. Boredom, like silence, is not just the absence of noise — it invites the presence of focus. Noise keeps you busy. Remove distractions and start listening. What is boredom trying to tell you?

  5. Boredom feeds creativity.

    Your brain likes to escape from the feeling of boredom; instead of providing external stimulation, let it feed on internal elements. Mind-wandering invites creativity; rather than trying to focus on external stimuli, let it find its way shifting from one idea to another.

  6. Avoid technology when you feel bored.

    Entertainment snacks will make you crave for more; rather than controlling your boredom, your need for distraction will never be satisfied. Technology is anything but a boredom cure.

    Over-stimulation is a contributor. An unending number of choices for entertainment can make them all seem lackluster and boring.

    After a while, we find ourselves sitting on our couch, aimlessly scrolling through social media or trying to find the next thing to binge watch instead of getting out and engaging with life. Much of the internet experience is based around instant gratification. As a result, the average attention span is shortening.

    This makes it harder to engage in more difficult activities that may provide meaning, excitement, or real entertainment. It takes time to master any endeavor.

    We have to be patient enough to build and pursue the things we want, whether that’s a career, a family, or a more meaningful life.

  7. Help a lonely friend become happy. 

    Loneliness can happen to anyone, you might have a lonely friend or acquaintances and considering the fact that you already felt loneliness, you would be sympathetic to someone who is feeling that way too. Sometimes, the best way to get rid of loneliness is to lend a  helping hand to people who are in the same boat as you. It is a great feeling to extend that blessing to people who really need it. Most of the time, due to the circumstances we encounter it leads us to loneliness and boredom. However, it is still our minds and thoughts that create loneliness and boredom, we may find ourselves in that situation but it’s easy for our thoughts to drift that away.

  8. Recover the joy in performing mundane tasks.

    We are so comfortable that our mind rejects doing chores. They feel boring, definitely not for us. Recovering the pleasure of performing small duties builds a sense of pride and achievement. Train your mind to realize that boredom is not about what you do, but how you do it. Boredom helps you rethink your relationship with the world. 

    Monotony lies within your mind. Break the montony.

    Take this quote from Paulo Coelho for instance: One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.

This will pass, so will the opportunity

21 thoughts on “This will pass, so will the opportunity

  1. Very true. It is a great opportunity to reinvent life and its management. We might have lived in chaos up till now and there is no time to Feel guilty about it. Connect with nature in whatever you do. Nice thoughts

  2. Beautifully penned. I love the topic… So much needed at this point in time.
    Your words and expressions are easy to comprehend.
    Kudos to the writer ????

  3. Abhinav, As usual you are amazing… You have articulated it soo well and easy to understand… A real need at this moment… Introspect, Re-Visit, Re-Wire and Establish your true purpose of life !! A Perfect time and a great opportunity to Discover ourselves !!! Thanks for Sharing…. Looking forward for more…..

  4. Wow abhenav.. This is a total eye opener.. And when u mentioned about imbalance due to abundance of anything.. Its so damn True.i realize it now.. Sometimes we take parents for granted because of the abundant love they shower I guess.. Lol..! Ur article is on boredom and my take away is on “imbalance of life wen love is abundant”.. Cheers man..!!!

  5. Really loved it Abhinav… Its an eye opener and especially in this time where it helps to Discover ourselves once again
    Thankyou for sharing this

  6. Awesome writing Abhi. Anything given in abundance is not appreciated – so true. Very beautifully expressed. Right time you have given all perspectives to this one word ‘Boredom’ and what one can do as well ???? lovely.

  7. Great post, this is the time to focus on living a full wheel of life and thereby discovering our life purpose.

  8. This is really good read Abhinav! I wish people take a lot from this during these times!
    Really well written and has an effect that people can put this in perspective of their life!!

  9. Abhinav, you’ve nailed it by making it ‘relevant.’ Simple writing, highly comprehensible and makes a whole lot of sense.

  10. True!
    I am reading this today and thinking I’ve wasted my 12 days, seriously!
    I can use this time as a great opportunity!
    Thank you for this amazing article.

  11. Hey Abhinav,
    This is so relevant and simple. I loved the part where you spoke about how abundance of certain things is perceived to be good. A new perspective of understanding boredom and leveraging it.
    Keep writing ????

  12. As soon as I woke up some time back, I thought of reading your article. The piece is well written and the thoughts are put up in a lucid manner. At certain instances it was so relatable let it be the skydiver’s example, over stimulation and self gratification. What makes me as a reader draw closer to your piece is the use of different dimensions and perceptions(be it reference to the historical background, psychology etc) you’ve added on that creates an impression of a beautiful layered rainbow cake in my mind with different shades. While it creates that flow in my mind, all a sudden certain questions arise for ex: context of a meaningful life, balancing in life, listening out amidst the noises around. It did raise some sensible points on how boredom can’t necessarily be argued ‘uneconomical’ as we perceive it to be. It’d be just like arguing that there is no presence of the moon in the day, even though it’s presence is overshadowed by something that’s more brighter or it’s just registering a perception that it’s the Sun we get to see in the morn. For a layman who’s objective is to make both the ends of life meet, boredom could be uneconomical as his concern is “welfare” of his family. Hardly he cares about leisure time he gets or he’d think of using the free time into learning something new. But for an ‘artistic person’ boredom is a time to experiment, understand new forms of expression of oneself,around and a time to critically ponder upon various things that’s happened to him/her before. Needless to say that there’s not only a trade off between work and leisure, but also between our perceptions on boredom and the economic usage of the time endowed with us.
    Uff, you made me realize that mornings can be beautiful with some eye openers like your piece and Abhe keep writing, keep inspiring people:”))
    Great work! ????

  13. We read, almost every minute of our waking hours: signboards, letters, emails, magazines, newspapers, books and many more with primary objective to know something and secondarily, to act or react. And not the things we read enhance our knowledge and not all the actions enhance our lifestyles. Only a very few impact and improvise us and your writings are one among them.

    Only a well experienced mind can bring such insights in a simpler manner like this. This excellent piece of well-defined introspection of one’s life towards a content life is beyond my verbal appreciation brother.

    Keep sharing all your thoughts, ideas and way of life with others!

    Thanks ????

  14. Hi abhi
    It is such beautiful read
    Very insightful and thought provoking The detailing and at length inclusiveness is absolutely amazing..loved reading it .
    Thanks for sharing

  15. Very good abenav . Like you said there should be a balance in life , what ever it is , even it’s a holiday , your favourite food , free time … everything should be balanced even the oxygen we breathe has balance in atmosphere. So try to find the balance of your life. Thank you abenav

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