Why parents need us more than ever before

Like all of us, as a kid, I have seen the world from my dad’s shoulders. Very carefully, my family picked up the right things for me and very carefully they chose the kind of people who were good for me, because parents love their kids the most in their lives. But, as we grow older, we tend to learn to balance on our own feet. But I, as an individual overlooked that path and instead, I chose to walk holding my parents’ hands.  Most of us start thinking that, as grown-ups asking money from parents would bring us shame but I fearlessly asked my parents for help. My parents were next to me whenever I felt low. Most of us, would keep our problem to ourselves fearing what our parents would think. But I did not care or maybe I was preparing myself for bigger challenges. I don’t know. I don’t know, but it felt right to see my parents next to me through thick and thin.  My family completes me. We have a strong bond, and that was the reason, even after taking the decision of moving out of my family home, my parents supported the move and in return, I made sure that I wont be leaping family values at any cost.

My mom always told me that it is important to work hard in life but it is equally important to rest and prepare yourself. Blindly working hard would never give anything because things happen at their own pace. Flowers do not grow because you are watering the plant every single day. Flowers grow only in the season. It took a while for me to understand my mother’s lesson, but I got it right in my mind, that good and bad times come when they are meant to come. It is not in our hands to stop it, but it is in our hands to prepare ourselves, so that we can handle it well.

This is me sitting on my dad’s lap and in centre, is my sister. Now we both are grown up. I have a beautiful niece and a baby boy to look forward to. Lives have changed for all of us but since the beginning, we have been a very close knit family. Since both of us have always stayed away from home, we valued their importance more than other kids of our age. There have been hard times when I felt isolated and when I felt that no, my family doesn’t love me. Obviously I have been naive, innocent and  unknown to the love and sacrifice they have done so that we can be happy.  They have taught me a lot and imagining a life without them, is something I haven’t yet thought of. I wish i had one wish and I would have made them immortal. 

But now, they are getting older. Now is when I realise that they could have enjoyed their lives, got married late, or stayed single for the sake of their freedom. They would have spent their savings on vacations when money was hard to earn, they would have dined in different countries. But instead of all of the above, they chose to give birth to me They sacrificed their needs, their happiness, their desires, so that I can live my life happily in abundance of money, love and care. 

Tell me any of your such experience which brings out emotions in you. And also tell me that how close you are to your parents.  I would love to hear it. Share with me at ab@localhost.

Why parents need us more than ever before

7 thoughts on “Why parents need us more than ever before

  1. Abhi.. you are blessed with a beautiful soul, and even more so with a loving family. Be blessed always
    I just loved every word you have written.

    My heart goes out to those who don’t know what it is to have a family, and the ones who don’t value the family they belong to.
    God bless them too…

  2. So true to the core, our parents sacrifice so much for us. They save us from the wrong people around, overlook our mistakes. I never realised that I love my father so much that when he left for heavenly abode, I was in shock for 3 months and realised that I love my parents more than anything else in the world.
    Hats off to you Abenav for putting it in words

  3. Nicely written blog. You have made your life worthy of many things. “Trust, care and concern” as I always quote are essence of a strongly bonded family. God bless you.

  4. My heart melts. Parents sacrifice is beyond infinity. Parents teaches us the meaning of life and set us free to explore the world. Doesn’t matter how old we grow, we’ll always have parents support and sacrifices.
    I remember my bad old days and how my family supported me during those time.
    I know you since you were Abhinav and not Abenav and I can say I know you a lot more than before. The blog is really beautiful. 🙂

  5. True true true I can also never imagine my life without them I’m soo lucky to be their son all that I’m looking forward to is to take care of them better than I could and I probably will ..
    And abenav you are very talented person one of the few extraordinary people I’ve met ..
    And your blog was heart touching..❣

  6. Beautifully penned down. Parenting is such an amazing journey and every parent is different. This article wonderfully brings out the essence of parenting.

  7. very thought provoking Abhinav… u seriously come up with such simple yet profound thoughts.
    I wasn’t close to my parents cuz my grandma was the dominating presence in our lives. I often regret being unfair to my mom cuz I couldn’t give her my time. I still don’t talk to her enough.. I lost my dad 20 years ago n that’s another regret but another thing altogether. But I wish I had a different kind of bond with my mom… it’s so funny that I had to write a poem to tell her how thankful I was for her presence in my life… cuz I couldn’t speak it out.

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