Nostalgic Early Morning Experience!

Wasn’t expecting the coffee beans to be so good at this price range. I was quite happy with the aroma of the beans as I opened the pack. I ground about a cup of beans in the dry grinding attachment of my mixer grinder (I use a French press) instantly, my home was filled with the aroma of coffee. I ordered Arabica beans. The roast is a lovely earthy medium roast, and the oils get released beautifully in the French press. All in all, it’s a fantastic coffee for everyday use and beats brands like Blue Tokai in terms of pricing. I could compare this roast to blue tokai’s Attikan valley medium dark roast beans.


Omoide and Abenav

I have known Abenav, partly through others’ information & points of view, partly through being witness to aspects of his life and partly through my own philosophical view of his acts and decisions. I have known him always struggling to find his space. I have seen him fight against social norms and so-called universally accepted principles of life. I have appreciated him, judged him and opposed him on different occasions. What truly stands out is his ability to carry all what he gets and keep moving ahead in life. He has endured the agony and guilt that has, in many situations, been the result of his choices. 

Now, I know him as a free spirit who was always meant to be happy and complete in himself. Having plenty to learn, experience and give back, he started his own journey without any resentments, guilt or fear. This text is one of his first few (and many to come!) steps in exploring the art of expressing and creating a prism through which many will be able to see varied facets of his life and possibly learn and experience with their own interpretations.

People around him might have taken some time to understand his journey, but I am sure he will certainly leave a mark in his readers’ mind at the very first go and create an unquenchable longing for more from him!

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